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Probably your sports team already has team shirts, baseball caps and bags branded with your club design and logo. But have you ever thought about custom flip flops with your logo? and slippers for your team? At myflipflops.com you can design each pair individually and personalize it with your name or player number. Therefore you and your mates will never mix up the right pair again before showering. Also, it is possible to match the color of the sole and the strap exactly with your club colors. Both colors can be chosen independently from each other. With several years of experience as a sports wear manufacturer, we know that athletes in particular have large footwear sizes.

We are one of the very few suppliers in the world who can deliver children sizes and extra large sizes including US 14 and higher. All flip flops can be also bought as wholesale flip flops in bulk and used as merchandising and promotional goodies at sport cups and championships. Often they are also sold in fan shops and fan stores to expand product variety. If you have a strong brand, sport flip flops are definitely a must have item for your club. Additionally, the custom printed flip flops are a perfect gift for your team members at the annual Christmas get-together. Our sales team looks forward to assisting you with your design and sizing consultation. Please send us the quantity required and latest possible delivery deadline and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


“We started the design process and production within very short time frame. Fortunately we were cooperating with an expert in its field. After a couple of days we got a perfect delivery for our tournament. Thank you very much!“
Blax Lacrosse e.V. president

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