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design your own custom flip flopsYou wish to design your shoes by yourself? No problem.

We have prepared templates for different sizes as .tif files.
You can edit them with a graphic program such as Adobe Photoshop.
Make sure, you check your size first and see the below list for further instructions.

Template Download

Feel free to contact us for any question regarding the templates or your custom flip flops design.

Designing your own flip flops

  • All Template files have 3 layers: the preview file to show the final flip flops; the production file shows the design area including some tolerance for positioning; the sample design layer.
  • Design your flip flops by adding new layers with pictures, text or graphics.
    Make sure your design fills the soles on the production layer
  • Use the preview layer to see how the flip flops will look like and to adjust your design.
  • You can delete the sample design layer.
  • The files have a resolution of 150 dpi and are ready to go into production after you have placed your designs. Please do not change the size/dimensions of the file
  • The color mode of the files is RGB. Please do not change the color mode.

Send your design to info[at]myflipflops.com or let us know where they can be downloaded.

You do not know which size to choose? Check your size here.

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