Relax in Bridal Flip Flops

30. Bride Flip Flops

On your wedding day, you’ll be spending plenty of time on your feet. When wearing bridal and bridesmaids flip flops, you and your bridesmaids can feel comfortable out on the dance floor, while taking photos, and while mingling with guests. Wearing our flip flops will allow your bridal party to relax and have fun on the biggest day of your life.

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Customized Bridal Flip Flops

Just as you planned your event to suit your tastes, you can customize your bridesmaids flip flops as well. Names – One way to customize your footwear is to have your name, including your new last name, engraved on the flip flops. Or, you might simply want to put the word bride on them. We can even add symbols such as hearts. Dates –  Another fun way to customize your footwear is to put the date of your wedding on the flip flops. You could even include the date of your engagement or another important date in your lives together.

Choosing Flip Flops

We offer many styles of flip flops for wedding groups. You could choose all matching pairs, or select individualized pairs that suit the unique personalities of your group. Bride and Bridesmaid Coordinating Sets Choose white for the bride and a color for the bridsmaids flip flops that matches the bridesmaids’ dresses. You could choose black instead, so that the bridesmaids can wear the bridsmaids flip flops for other events in the future. Fitting Bridsmaids Flip Flops For the best fit for bridsmaids flip flops, choose the size of women’s shoe that you would normally wear with bare feet.

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