Buying Flip Flops in Bulk for Your Wedding

32. Bulk Flip Flops Wedding

As you are planning your wedding, flip flops might be the last style of shoe on your mind. However, you should actually really consider looking into bulk flip flops for weddings. At the reception, a lot of ladies are going to grow tired of their heels, and they’ll want something a little bit more comfortable to wear. Instead of essentially forcing your guests to go barefoot, you can provide them with flip flops to keep them out on the dance floor all night.

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Where to Keep The Flip Flops

When you choose bulk flip flops for weddings, you might be wondering where you should put them. Having a basket full of flip flops is a popular idea right now. Place one basket next to the DJ booth so that guests know these shoes are there so they can dance. You should place another basket in the bathroom. That way, guests can change into them as they are freshening up for the remainder of the celebration.

Touches of Class

You can tie beautiful bows around the baskets and allow them to match the colors you have selected for your wedding. Just because you’re having flip flops does not mean you must lose that element of class. You should also look into customized bulk flip flops for weddings. On the bottom of the flip flop, have a logo or picture crafted to remind people that they procured these dancing shoes at your event. When you are ordering them, select an array of sizes so that everyone there is able to enjoy the comfort that they bring.

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