Decorated Flip Flops: A Unique Way To Show Your Creativity

decorated flip flops

Summer has officially started and, with the weather warmer and the days longer, we are finally ready to spend most of our time outdoors. People put away their grey suits and make place for more clorful clothing. As a result, a swarm of flowery dresses, bright trousers, patterned frocks fill the streets. Not only our clothes are affected by this tendency. Decorated bags, huts, shoes or jewelry contribute to this explosion of colors and help complete the cheerful-looking outfits. Following this trend is surely fun, but it might be expensive. Buying new, fancy clothes and accessories every year is not for everyone. As much as we want to look good, we might be on a tight budget or we simply don’t feel like spending a fortune every summer. What can we do? The solution is easy: decorate our “old” clothes!

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Decorate Whatever You Fancy

Decorating our clothes can be a cheap and fun way to give a fresh look to our wardrobe. By buying cheap material or, even better, using things you have at home, you can decorate clothes and accessories at almost no expense Don’t worry if you have never done it before or if you have never held a needle in your life. With time and some patience, you can teach yourself how to create beautiful objects using different techniques. For instance, you can learn crocheting or knitting.
Gone are the times when these activities were seen as our grandmas’ occupations. Nowdays, thanks to varios blogs dedicated to crafts, lots of young women are interested in learning how to knit their own sweaters or embroider nice patterns on their clothes. If you’re good at drawing, you could even consider taking a plain T-shirt and making it into a unique piece using your artwork. The possibilities are endless.

Decorating your Own Flip-Flops Is Fun And Easy

From hats to bags, you can basically decorate everythig you fancy. If you want to be particularly original, why not decorate a pair of shoes? Ever thought of decorating your own flip flops?
Decorated flip flops can be THE item for the summer, something unique you can wear in special occasions or combine with that nice dress. It could be something you can be proud to show your friends. There are different ways of decorating flip-flops. If you need some help, plenty of online tutorials are available to everyone. From beginner to advanced, you can find exactly what you need.
Some websites even teach you how you make your own flip flops from scratch. The good thing about decorating your own flip flops is that you can basically recycle almost everything you can think of. Imagine, for instance, walking around in fancy sandals made from old tyres and decorated with a pattern of your choice. Do you think it’s difficult? Well, there is a folk at the feet of the Kilimanjaro Mountain which sells tourists exactly this kind of flip flops!
All you need is choose what you fancy doing first and then start working on your creation. It is cheap and, it is fun! So, what are you waiting for? Use your fantasy and start decorating your flip-flops today!

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