Fan Flip Flops for Your Merchandising

Custom Fan Flip Flops for Your Event

Imagine your next summer company outing with everyone wearing fan flip flops with your company’s logo. Merchandising for your employees builds moral and gives them something memorable to keep to remind them of fun times. In the past few years, promotional items have become run of the mill, and mostly they consist of novelty items that are tossed out as soon as they arrive at home. Besides, who needs another T-shirt. Fan flip flops with your logo are the way to go, practical yet promotional.

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Invite your Clients to a Day Out on the Beach

Who doesn’t enjoy the beach? It seems to be the number one pick up line of online dating sites, “I like long walks on the beach.” When you put your clients minds at ease and remind them of the relaxing atmosphere of the beach, they are reminded of the feeling of sand between their toes. Distributing fan flip flops at your next event is a smart form of merchandising, making clients more apt to remember you and call you for your services when the need arises.

Flip Flops as Souvenirs

Visitors like to buy souvenirs to bring back home. Customized flip flops are a great way of merchandising a specific location. Flip flops are a great product for resale and are relative to umbrellas in that they are bought on short notice. Imagine someone wearing uncomfortable high heel shoes to the beach and not intending on walking in the sand, but then changing their mind. Now they need comfortable shoes to enjoy the sand, and customized flip flops are just what is needed at the moment.

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