Flip Flop Trends

Flip flop trends

One of the oddest trends to emerge in this year’s ready to wear collections involved some reinvention of the basic thong sandal. Models traipsed down the runways donning flip-flops with socks. This look has the potential for elegance if it is carried off with simplicity, but the two high fashion brands that launched this puzzling trend took it far beyond the boundaries of sophistication. Thick knits and patent leather socks were paired with double platform flip-flops.Designers are using their senses of humor to put together their collections and this look may well be indicative of this fad. Today’s fashionistas are far less concerned with the actions of high fashion labels these days. The ultimate proof of this was the scarcity of glitterati attending the September fashion calendar events. It’s likely that trendsetters will take heed of the bold flip-flop fad, but they will be adapting the look to their own style preferences dramatically enough to erase all evidence of the style’s roots. Sleeker socks with flat thongs evoke a sense of Asian sophistication and this aesthetic is the most likely one to emerge from the spring/summer lines.

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Custom Clothing as a Personal Statement

In the past, custom clothing was the territory of those with heavy purses and ample bank accounts. Personalization meant specialized tailoring and one-of-a-kind design. The dot com movement has brought custom clothing to the masses. This movement, when combined with the public’s diminishing interest in following fashion strictly, has resulted in clothing that makes personal statements, tells jokes and creates parodies. In keeping with the mass move towards individuality, which necessarily distances the stylish from labels, prints that parody luxury designers have become the core way to customize T-shirts and flip-flops. Logos are flipped, celebrities are mocked and wearers are poking fun at labels. Every hint of pretension in today’s professional fashion universe is open to mockery, giving the public the power to drive its own trends.

Consumers are still paying attention to fashion week collections but instead of following them wholeheartedly, they are using them to inspire their own unique styles. Spring and summer collections toned down formality to present a relaxed, casual look. Flat shoes replaced platforms and stilettos and frocks became long, flowing and comfortable. Even eveningwear was touched by the meme, with looser tailoring and simpler prints achieving a more blurred silhouette. Flip-flops were jeweled and worn with cocktail wear, while day wear thongs received tribal and floral prints. Attached blooms, gems and fur gave flats a sense of fun.

Custom Flip Flop Trends

Customized flip-flops allow trend-setters to add features to the straps and footbeds of the shoes. Seasonal trends that are emerging both on the streets and runways will lead to several movements for personalization. The most beloved designs use metallic accents with tribal trends to achieve a look that is almost Grecian. Black and white prison stripes reach the pinnacle of fashion. The floral trend will influence summer and winter wardrobes, but the quality of such designs has ascended. Today, blooms are artistically hand painted and ornately shaded. Floral thong sandals take prints inspired by the most precious of kimonos. Camouflage is back but in hues outside the khaki range. Indigo, navy and cadmium yellow were used with black, gray and turquoise. Fractured, distorted prints are also on trend, with overprinted designs and print on print panels creating an iridescent brightness.

Optical mosaics are one of the boldest ways to carry off the Pop Art fashion movement of 2013. Neon hues and commercial icons extract the lighthearted anti-commercialism aesthetic from the Warhol era. Text cannot be omitted from this particular trend, because it allows wearers to express their ideals boldly through their clothing. Many wearers are seizing the opportunity to speak of their most profound philosophies this way, but the majority are choosing to use lettered prints to express their funny side instead. myFlipFlops presents a thong design for every tier of formality.

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