How to Create your Own Flip Flops

create your own flip flops
Flip flops are convenient for walking around instead of putting on socks and tying shoes. There are many different colors and sizes available today whether plain, with a design, or decorated to give them that special touch. Flip flops can be purchased at just about any retail store location. However, through creativity and a little imagination, anyone can create their flip flops for themselves or as a gift to others.

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I. Creating Your Own Flip Flops

When creating your own flip flops, ask yourself two things: Why am I making my own? What is my style? Perhaps you have been invited to a friend’s wedding and don’t feel comfortable wearing dress shoes. You will need something appropriate but comfortable. Instead of shopping around for perfect, overpriced flip flops, make your own. If your style is dress casual, choose a solid-colored pair of flip flops that matches your dress. Then, add a small gem or flower to the strap for a touch of personality. However, if you prefer formal wear, add lots of glitter or rhinestones to give your flip flops a hint of elegance.

II. Creating Flip Flops for Others

Creating flip flops for someone else can be more challenging than making your own. However, the focus here is to remember who the gift is for. First, choose the color for your flip flops. Next, consider personalizing the inner base of the flip flops with their name, a picture or a design that has a sentimental value. Lastly, embellish them with a bling or small jewel.

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