Wear UK-Flag Flip Flops and be Part of an Everlasting Trend

uk flag flip flops
The Union Jack has been used as a decorating pattern on clothes for several years. Who doesn’t have a Union Jack T-shirt brought from a cousin or a friend who just came back from London? Or who hasn’t spotted the UK flag adorned bag on the indie teenager who looks soo cool and walks around as if she doesn’t care about what others think? Some people find that wearing clothes showing the national flag could be a too patriotic gesture, while others believe that using this symbol to emblazon a common jumper is offensive. One way or another, the UK flag hasn’t stopped appearing on fashion magazines and retail stores.

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The Union Jack on Clothes: a Short Retrospective

Especially on clothes, the Union Jack was firs seen as a symbol in the 60s, when Swinging London became one of the hippest and trendiest places on earth, and English bands spread their music and message through what we know as “The British Invasion”. Since then, the Union Jack started being associated with pop and rock music, it became a symbol for youth culture and remained so for generations, until today.
To name some examples, The Who used it as a “blanket” on the cover of the documetary “The Kids are Alright”. In the 70s it was used by the punk movement to show rebellion, and in the 90s we saw Kate Moss proudly showing her “Britishness” through Union Jack based garments. Today, the colorful flag ist still “worn” by public figures as well as young folks as a sign of “coolness”.

Cool and Fashionable with UK-Flag-Flip Flops

The use of the Union Jack as embellishment is not restricted to clothes. Probably because of the peculiarity of its design, which makes it appropriate to use as decoration, we see the UK flag imprinted in many of our daily use items, from cups to pens to fridge magnets. A different and certainly funny item to wear this summer and show how “in” you are are UK flag imprinted flip flops. Everywhere you go, if for a walk on the beach or to a grill party, with UK-flag flip flops you can be sure you’ll never be wrong. If you want to be part of this never dying trend, customize your flip flops with this fashionable UK flag design and flaunt the hippest footwear in town!

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