Custom Wedding Flip Flops
Custom Wedding Flip FlopsDon’t chance a heel snag walking down the red carpet on the most important day. Resulting in trips, tumbles and stumbles, high heeled wedding shoes and sandals are anything but appropriate when first appearances need to be incident-free. Instead, try wedding flip flops and find that the worry over wedding footwear is over.

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Wedding Flip Flops for Comfort

Opt for delicate and comfortable wedding flip flops and experience a smooth and confident glide down the aisle. Make a glorious day even more special by omitting the chance of a heel getting caught in the train or hem of a gown. Taking the worry out of a grand entrance, wedding flip flops need not be informal and frumpy. Outfit the wedding party with flip flops to match their attire. Girls will appreciate the freedom from sore feet and the chance to dance the evening away. You can also add some bling for the girls! We offer different pins and svarowsky crystals in different colors for the straps.

Fashionable Flip Flops

Customize flip flops according to style preferences and assorted colors. Available in wedged heels, brides can look and feel sexy with the addition of a little height. Ensure that a walk down the aisle or a turn on the dance floor will be incident-free with wedding flip flops. Sensible and comfortable, bridal flip flops are fashionable footwear for the bride-to-be. Customized flip flops can be used for additional occasions where comfort and style need to go hand in hand.

Get your custom just married sandals for your wedding party or as a present for the honeymooners: Simply send us your data such as names, date and photo and we will set up a design for you! Get your free design here:
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