Buy Flips Flops in Bulk: the Best Option to Get Quality Goods and Save Money at the Same Time

buy flip flops in bulk

Every summer it’s the same. We tidy up our wardrobes, put those winter clothes aside, possibly to a place where they will lay for the next few months, and we take out our summer garments. Finally, we can wear something colorful, light and that makes us feel comfortable. Shorts, dresses, T-shirts, not to mention flip flops are a fundamental part of our summer wardrobe. When it comes to flaunting the casual look, flip flops are one of those basic items everyone needs to have in their closets. Every wholesale trader knows this. For this reason, they need to be prepared for the rising summer demand and buy their goods in advance, in order to have them in stock ready to be sold. The best option, of course, is to buy in bulk.

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Buying in Bulk is Always Convenient

Buying summer goods in bulk is a clever choice for every wholesale trader. First of all because they will have enough goods ready for when required, and second, because they are sure they will become a discount on bulk orders and, consequently, pay less for each item. There are usually different kinds of bulk discounts:

  • Discount in Percentage: you will get a percentage discount on the original price if you buy a certain quantity of goods. Here’s an example: the condition is to buy a minimum number of 100 items. If you do, you will get 5% discount on the total price.
  • Discount on Price: if you buy a certain amount of goods, you will pay a certain amount of dollars less on each item. Example: If you order at least 100 pairs of flip flops, you will pay $10 instead of $14 a pair ($4 less on each item).
  • Member Discount: some manufacturers offer this option if you usually buy from them. In this case, you will receive a further discount on particular orders if you are a regular customer.

Buying Promotional Flip Flops in Bulk

In every case, you see that it is very convenient to buy in bulk in order to save money. This does not only apply to wholesale traders, but to everyone who has a need to purchase a big amount of goods. Whether you need merchandising for your company, you want personalized goods for your sport team or for your wedding, you can always benefit from discounts on bulk orders. Let’s say that you want to use our custom flip flops as a promotional item to distribute during an event, give them to your employees as a summer gift or to your team players at the end of season. In all these occasions you can always take advantage of the discounts we offer when someone buys in bulk.
On our website it is possible to get an idea of our custom flip flops. We guarantee a high quality product at a fair price. You can order as many pairs filp flops as you like and have each one of them personalized for you. You will be guaranteed a fair price and will receive a suitable discount if you place a bulk order. Get a quote today and we are sure that you will be satisfied with our deals.

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