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June has finally arrived and with it the sunny weather, bringing a smile on many people’s face. With the greyness hopefully gone for a while, we are looking forward to getting out of our winter outfit and stepping into some more comfortable, colourful clothes. When it comes to footwear, flip flops are one of those items that basically everyone owns. Some choose them for the beach, others wear them to take a stroll in town, while some others even use them to go to work. In any case, flip flops are so popular because they are seen by many as a fancy alternative to high heels or other uncomfortable shoes.

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Flip Flops: To Each His Own

Because of the high demand, flip flops are usually offered by almost every apparel shop. They are supplied in different shapes, colours, and materials and they are available at a wide price range.From very basic flip flops which cost a couple of dollars a pair to the very expensive designer piece, there is a choice for everyone. This is possible thanks to the usually low manufacturing costs. According to their needs, some retailers choose to purchase flip flops in bulk directly from the suppliers and resell them at a very cheap price, while others prefer to buy the materials from the manufacturers and finish off the sandals by printing on them special patterns or refinig them with blings and embroideries, adding more value to the shoes.

Major World Flip Flop Manufacturers

Among the countries that produce flip flops, one of the major flip flop manufacturers is certainly Brasil. It is here that Havaianas, probably the most famous flip flop brand, was born. Brasilian manufacturers are in general very well known and requested all over the world. Next to Brasil China is, of course, one of the largest flip flop suppliers out there. Thanks to the cheap production costs, the majority of flip flops are nowdays manufactured in this country. India also plays an important role in supplying rubber sandals, and many western companies choose to import their footwear from here.
Alongside these major suppliers, there are some countries that are emerging in the market as new flip flop producers. Germany is one of these and start-ups like are a good example. The young company has been manufacturing custom logo flip flops since 2012 and it is constantly growing, supplying to a number of customers worldwide. The combination of high quality materials, professional manufacturing and the possibility to personalize flip flops into unique pieces, make the base for this winning formula. Lots of companies choose this product to promote their business, as custom logo flip flops make a great promotional item for events or fairs. So, if you want to grow your brand awareness, you need some special gifts and you are eager to try out new possibilities, this is an opportunity you don’t have to miss.

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